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Who Won? (15)
Buffalo Sabres:  80%  80%
St Louis Blues:  6.66666666666667%  7%
Fair Trade:  13.3333333333333%  13%
Thursday, August 8, 2019

To Sabres: Devan Dubnyk, John Gaudreau
To Blues: Dylan Strome, Frederik Andersen, Ondrej Kase, WIN 17 Rnd 3


How bad did ty want Anderson?

Bad deal for Bluez

Sabres keep winning deals

New contender for GM of the year?

21yr old Strome who put up a 72 point season pace as a Hawk. Kase at 22yrs old put up a 55 point pace last year and is an analytics and deep stats star. The upgrade in age/team/skill between Freddy and Dubnyk can't be discounted here either.

Much like the Kucherov deal. The other team got the superstar but Blues did just fine as well

Yes Ty needs consideration as a GM candidate

This is a horrible deal for the blues. What was yhe rush? Still not as bad as the kucherov deal though

R a p e

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