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Who Won? (13)
Edmonton Oilers:  30.7692307692308%  31%
Buffalo Sabres:  53.8461538461538%  54%
Fair Trade:  15.3846153846154%  15%
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

To Oilers: Elias Pettersson
To Sabres: David Rittich, Dylan Strome, Elias Lindholm, Sam Bennett, WIN 17 Rnd 3


Wow. Nobody would have paid more then that. Astonishing return!

Spare parts for the Oilers. Even deal!

Not even close, yes others would have paid more.

Quite possibly the best future one two punch ever moving forward for the oilers. Sabres jumped the gun bad by moving Elias. Will come back to haunt him!

Traded a franchise superstar that plays in the city where majority of rshl are from halfway through his rookie year for what exactly??? A goalie so you can have 3 of them? A 3rd? A 1 year wonder in lindholm? and a couple of young guys in strome an bennet which neither will be more then 2nd liners

Pettersson is a Star! But Oilers paid a huge price for one dude. I have to go with the Sabres on this one, it's almost too much to give up.

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