Rumour has it...

Draft Done

Great job by all... slow start but we caught a few grooves and it is now complete! Who had the best draft? Sandin of course but otherwise?



Leafs because of Sandin alone but then add Boqvist + Bouchard + Kucherev + Madden


I confirm as of now all auto drafts have been turned off

Imagine what else they could have added if they didn't trade some 1sts for vets.

Then again would you rather have an Elite goalie and 2x NHL vezina winner in Bobrovsky or some potential. TJ miller who should be riding shotgun with Petterson or some other question marks?

Riding what with who? You guys out west are smoking too much!

Leafs suck

Petterson is over rated.

Id say Loui Eriksson is over rated

it's a gamble, but an calculated one.

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