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Well here it is boys. I walked in here and was so embarrassed by how many emotional wrecks are here crying about, "oh people are mean to me, they don't like my trades". Then you got the "tough guys" who puff up there chest and say, Oh I think we should have our names attached to what we say in rumours as they flex their keyboard muscles. The only name you should attach at the end of you're getting offended by a rumour in your fantasy hockey league about a bad trade you made is "dork". Don't like me? Fuck off. Problem solved. This is for the gents with a couple hairs on there chest who have maybe been in an actual physical fight or two in their hay day. Not for the guys whom the closest thing they've had to a fight was trolling someone on fucking Instagram who had toasted a damn sour dough loaf a little too much on their profile pic.

Ducks () - Neil is the GM of the ducks, and kneel is what he made the Canucks GM do in his last deal. Took it RIGHT UP THE ASS. Svechnikov got one punched by Ovechkin for fuck sakes, can't get much more pathetic than that. He's got Lucic on his team which is about the last genuine tough guy left, and I respect the hell out of that boy even if he's half the goon I was and I'm still twice as pretty. Look for some GM nods this gents way. UNDERRATED

Sharks () - surprised the Sharks were able to field a full team this year. This Vito kids got some fire power up front and Hedman is THE elite defender in the league if you ask me. With the roster he's got I don't doubt he's made some massive one sided deals in his tenure. But what have you done for me lately? I think each trade and decision this year he's made has been getting worse and worse. Apparenty this "Loconte" name is something to be feared in the RSHL. Hahaha I think it's French for OVERRATED

Canucks () - another one of the Loconte clan. Well as I said he basically took it up the ass from a duck a week or so ago, so you can tell where this is going to go. So much talent and still sitting second best right now. Three cups is something to brag about I guess if this were 6 years ago. Another what have you done for me lately expect embarrass yourself with ill advised impatient and fucking dumb moves. One of the more Overrated guys I've seen to date who with the choices he makes isn't long for being an elite team and will slowly drift into mediocrity.

Oilers () - now here is a guy with some fucking balls. Trade half your fucking team and maybe 30 or 40 picks for two elite rates cus you can't draft em yourself. Well it's gutsy and it's working. Mcdavid is going to be wrecking the RSHL record books for the next decade so don't expect Edmonton to be anywhere cept the top. I do think trading half your picks for Namestnikov and Swing Low Sweet Chiariot was stupid, but will give you a pass cus you also raped the Avs for the top goalie in the world. SAVAGE Underrated

Bruins () - "this should be fun" Yes Andrew, it's gonna be fun right about now, just not for you. I'm told this is your sloppy second run in the league? That's exactly how I'd describe your GM skills. SLOPPY just no where near second, maybe 29th at best and only cus someone is paying their player to throw the year to come in 30th. Hey but at least you'll get some wicked good odds to land this Lafreniere kid. So listen just DO NOT TRADE YOUR FIRST. Oh fuck you did? Well there's always next yea.. oh fuck me. Overrated as a GM but damn it you're a nice kid

Blues () - "bring it" Underrated. Well the boys got two cups and from what I see is highly respected around the league and in the circles I've come across is seen as THE GM around these parts. Too bad it went to his fuckin head. SIM HOCKEY GOD? Well no idea how the hell I can underrate that so you're Overrated! Deal with it Ty!

Bluejackets () - I've not seen or heard anything from this guy aside from the , " please cut me down as much as possible comment". Well rumour fuckin has it you're so clueless you didn't even realize you fuckin won the cup? Too busy saving cooking recipes on pintrest or something there Gacek? I read you used to play hockey and were pretty damn good, funny I've never heard of you, must have been a women's league. That said this guys an overrated hockey player but fuck it pains me to say he must be a massively underrated GM if he's not even trying and his teams whipping the rest of the league. This year and last year with the cup. NOT A BIG DEAL

Avs () - "Let's get it on"? What you think anyone on your roster stands a half a second with me on the ice there Tsang? Are you trying to lose? What reason did you have to trade the best goalie in the universe to the top team in your division? Does Sebastiano have some nude pics of you with a goat or some shit? If dumping the best goalie on the planet is your attempt at "trying" to get better, then maybe you should stop and stick to cross fit as I hear a rumour you're good at that. Whatever the fuck that is. Overrated as GM of the Avalanche but very underrated AND u see appreciated at cross fit allegedly

Whalers () - 18 years and not a sniff at a cup? What good things were you really fucking expecting to hear Rob? I guess Heiskanen could be something and those jerseys are SICK! Other than that this pile of crap that took 18 years too be assembled might as well have me riding on the top line. OVERRATED as FUCK

Red Wings () - funny I submitted this article a half dozen times with the Wings as Overrated, and it kept coming back with an error message. Russian hackers or just resimmed til we got it right? SAVAGE Guess Brett is underrated if Old Biz wants to keep his job. Don't bite the hand that feeds you gents.

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Let me guess? You would have offered more? Then fucking do something ! - Biz

Hey, just going to point out that the Whalers haven't been around for 18 seasons!!! Even the GM has only been here for 16.. man too many shots to the head i suppose

Predictable and tame. I thought Nasty had a reputation of being quick, guess that's just with his boyfriends.

Thats a different Ryan.. not the one we have here

I've done your wife lately.

Hey! Thatís my soon to be ex-wife youíre talking about! How about a little respect. - Biz

What's more ridiculous a comment, that Stl is THE G.M or that he is highly respected

Lol ^^

Lol ^^

I bet 10 grand that I have and pretty sure none of the GMs here do, that the Blues have more cup wins then any of the posters above. Donít rage quit on me now. BizNasty

It's funny I made that email account shortly before joining the RSHL or any simhockey league. Was just funny and was surprised it was available. - Blues

He knew he was the top dog before he even started. SAVAGE

HEY! where is my 10 grand?? i have move cups than the blues


I cant believe how he cut me down like that! So offside. I'm emailing Brett .

hahaha... Hey I've coached a year of woman's hockey, well minor, er, midget aged.. didn't notice Gracek on the roster

Richie was cut from that team- Biz

Poor Richie

Boom burn!


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