RSHL at a Glance
Top Point Leaders
Connor McDavid (EDM) 2 4 6
Dominik Kubalik (CHI) 3 2 5
Nicklas Backstrom (CAL) 3 2 5
Defense Point Leaders
Mattias Ekholm (FLA) 0 4 4
Alex Pietrangelo (HAR) 1 2 3
Brett Pesce (DAL) 1 2 3
GAA Leaders
Ilya Samsonov (MON) 0.65
Petr Mrazek (DET) 0.67
Malcolm Subban (WAS) 0.83
Top Goal Scorers
Auston Matthews (NYI) 4 0 4
Patrice Bergeron (CBJ) 4 0 4
Dominik Kubalik (CHI) 3 2 5
Rookie Points Leaders
Dominik Kubalik (CHI) 3 2 5
Jake Evans (WAS) 0 3 3
Nicholas Caamano (WAS) 1 1 2
S% Leaders
Ilya Samsonov (MON) 0.978%
Petr Mrazek (DET) 0.968%
Aaron Dell (MIN) 0.964%

Same as previously, this is where the "award a day process" of announcing our winners will be posted.

Rumour has it...
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Tradeboard Updates
Jake McCabe,Zach Bogosian,Brian Boyle,James Van riemsdyk,Alex Biega,Robert Bortuzzo,Cam Talbot,David Krejci,Roman Polak,Brian Elliott,Oliver Bjorkstrand 
Evan Bouchard,Logan Brown 
Similar W and left shot D for Brown and Bouchard, respectively. No, I don't want your 29 year old spare parts and late 3rd. Save us both the time. 
SJ 20 Rnd 6,SJ 19 Rnd 1,Ashton Sautner,Andrew Shaw,Anthony Bitetto,Jarred Tinordi,Esa Lindell 

RSHL News Center
espn Dionne Division Preview

While spending some takng in some live sports, I decided to voice my thoughts on the Dionne Division 
Your Call comments: (4)
nostra Campbell Conference Preview

New Analyst ,Nostradumbass, looking to cause some waves. Think you can do better? Prove it!  
Your Call comments: (16)
Hrudey Orr Division Preview

Hi everybody it's me Kelly Hrudey and I'm back to give my brief analysis of the Orr Division.  
Your Call comments: (2)
Reviewed Trades
Who Won? (8)
Bruins:  100%  100%
Flames:  0%  0%
Fair:  0%  0%
Who Won? (9)
Sharks:  44.4444444444444%  44%
Capitals:  33.3333333333333%  33%
Fair:  22.2222222222222%  22%
Who Won? (14)
Bruins:  28.5714285714286%  29%
Mapleleafs:  57.1428571428571%  57%
Fair:  14.2857142857143%  14%
Who Won? (9)
Oilers:  55.5555555555556%  56%
Canucks:  22.2222222222222%  22%
Fair:  22.2222222222222%  22%
Who Won? (9)
Mapleleafs:  55.5555555555556%  56%
Sharks:  33.3333333333333%  33%
Fair:  11.1111111111111%  11%
Who Won? (13)
Rangers:  76.9230769230769%  77%
Kraken:  7.69230769230769%  8%
Fair:  15.3846153846154%  15%
Who Won? (11)
Kraken:  18.1818181818182%  18%
Wild:  18.1818181818182%  18%
Fair:  63.6363636363636%  64%
Who Won? (11)
Wild:  36.3636363636364%  36%
Lightning:  45.4545454545455%  45%
Fair:  18.1818181818182%  18%
Who Won? (12)
Sharks:  25%  25%
Ducks:  41.6666666666667%  42%
Fair:  33.3333333333333%  33%
Who Won? (10)
Mapleleafs:  80%  80%
Wild:  0%  0%
Fair:  20%  20%
Who Won? (9)
Canucks:  11.1111111111111%  11%
Bluejacket:  77.7777777777778%  78%
Fair:  11.1111111111111%  11%
Who Won? (10)
Canucks:  60%  60%
Bruins:  30%  30%
Fair:  10%  10%

Latest Updates


Hi everyone,

I am going to be going through the league rules and past discussion boards to see if there are any changes that we have made that need to be updated (ex. Waivers, draft rules). After that is done, will be looking to see if we want to make any changes to the rules. I am hoping that there are some people out there that would like to do this with me. If you are interested i ...more

Replies: 1
Last reply:  HartfordWhalers
Posted: 10/24/2020

RSHL Interviews?

With a lot of great content coming in, should we bother starting the RSHL interviews right now?

If we should start them, who is willing to go first? Or is someone else up for taking this on? Maybe some fresh ideas?

Replies: 10   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  MJCaps
Posted: 10/24/2020

Campbell Conference Preview



Replies: 1
Last reply:  WildGM
Posted: 10/24/2020

Trade Justification

Just making this official now, moving forward, anytime a trade is accepted, both teams will need to check their offer manager again and submit their trade justification. This is a required step as deals will not even be shown to the trade committee until both parties have submitted.

I have added a warning to the site now that will inform you if you have a deal pending that is waiting ...more

Posted: 10/23/2020

Jets offseason review

The Jets hired a new GM, Sean McAndrews, at an awkward time in the offseason....right after free agency and right before the entry draft. However, GM McAndrews quickly got to work by shipping out a couple of centres in Ryan O'Reilly and Matt Duchene for picks and players. Among the players coming back in the deals were Ryan Johansen, Michael Dal Colle and Jack Roslovic. When asked on the mov ...more

Replies: 2
Last reply:  Vancity
Posted: 10/22/2020

Long Season's ahead for the Norris Division

The Norris Division has a long history as one of the toughest divisions in hockey, however this season in the RSHL it looks more like a tire fire, wrapped in a Covid blanket, running through a raw sewage pond than in any of its former glory. Obviously the Sim can be a fickle mistress and literally anything could happen, cross your fingers to those Wild fans out there, but this division looks a ...more

Replies: 6   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  Vancity
Posted: 10/21/2020

Division Previews

Who is on board to help the RSHL out with a division preview of their division or a different division?

If we split it up into 6 it'll be easier to handle.

Lemyre did that Hockey News type preview thing a time or two that was neat, but something simpler in store here.

Would be nice to see someone step up that isnt the "usual suspects".



Replies: 3
Last reply:  HartfordWhalers
Posted: 10/20/2020

Cast your Vote!!  Entry Draft times  Cast your Vote!!  
( 21 votes in already!)

Evening gentlemen,

Rather than chirps on Slack, I'd like to have a discussion on here. I told my wife I floated the idea of 1 hour for picks and she feels that's wrong, that today was the anomaly because people were around today heavily due to Covid. Well, we certainly hope this won't be here indefinitely. So what is right? What is fair? Fact is we have in past at our peak averaged ...more

Replies: 11   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  admin
Originally Posted: 10/10/2020


Morning Gentlemen,

Lets make this official and get a discussion going. I have dragged my feet on figuring out why waivers all stopped, and maybe that was for a reason. We all know how this season is an anomaly as we started in February instead of September. I did decide wanted to "expedite" so we could hopefully get back in line for next season, of course not even thinking about the ...more

Replies: 9   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  admin
Originally Posted: 3/2/2018


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