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Latest Updates

Gretzky Division Preview

What a name for this division. The best ever player to skate in the NHL and arguably the best division in the league. Tie your shoe laces up and get ready for the sprint to the finish for this division.

Colorado Avalanche
Off-season moves: Nielsen, Richardson, Nelson, Murray IN, Sutter, Cole OUT

Offense: Center Ryan Nugent Hopkins is back again trying to equal his 88 ...more

Replies: 2
Last reply:  Min
Posted: 9/22/2019

Retired players

Morning gentlemen,

Got a couple scripts created I've been thinking about lately, and one was for the RSHL. Now the site took a look at all prospects in the league then looked on Wikipedia for the word "retire" if it's found, that player is highlighted as someone who is suspected to be retired. I found a few names on my list, so not likely anyone is clean. I have found a 156 names t ...more

Replies: 7   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  Vancity
Posted: 9/22/2019

Regular Season next

Morning gentlemen,

So as it stands, we have now completed the pre-season and poised to move forward. I expect I will try to find time later today to make a schedule that I'm happy with, so that means the calender will be adding games but until I'm satisfied nothing is firm.

I expect to start games on Wednesday, this will give time for teams to submit their pool picks... ...more

Replies: 1
Last reply:  buf
Posted: 9/22/2019

Rshl regular season pool?

Are we going to do a regular season pool?
Can be the same as the playoff one
-10 skaters total
- at least two of them D

Or we could make it larger...

First place gets a 4th presign like the playoff pool?

Replies: 5   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  Vancity
Posted: 9/22/2019

Esposito Division Preview

Today we stay in the east and break down the 5 teams in the Esposito Division. Will there actually be a division race perhaps but it probably be only for 1st and 2nd

New Jersey Devils:
Off-season moves: Niemi, Williiams, Ericsson IN, Ward, Tennyson Out

Offense: New Jersey has always been called the swamp land and their offense has been swamped w ...more

Replies: 2
Last reply:  Sharks
Posted: 9/21/2019

Stastny Division Preview

Throwing the fastball right past your guys, thinking I would just stick to one conference and then do the other but now that I have you all on your toes more guys will keep reading in anticipation of what division will go next. Today we preview the Wild Wild East better known as the Stastny Division.

Florida Panthers:
Off-season moves: Tavares, Lundqvist, Provorov IN, Pietrang ...more

Replies: 1
Last reply:  edm
Posted: 9/20/2019

Dionne Division Preview

Today we start off our daily divisional previews with a look at the Dionne Division. We will be grading on the teams Offense, Defense, Goaltending and Special Teams play with a look also what the team will need to do to get to the finish line by hoisting the cup.

Anaheim Ducks:
Off-season moves: Jonathan Quick,Patrick Maroon & Steven Kampfer IN and Drew Stafford & Matt ...more

Replies: 3
Last reply:  avalanche
Posted: 9/19/2019

Hardware Predictions

Over the next 7 days I will be going thru team analysis and completing a prediction for each individual team. We will go division by division and once completed we can view and predict and see who is the real smart GM to get many of the picks correct.
Today though we go a little off topic we will be with a little Hardware prediction, which teams will boom or bust, and what possibly can ...more

Replies: 4
Last reply:  newBOSgm
Posted: 9/19/2019

Cast your Vote!!  Season 17  Cast your Vote!!  
( 17 votes in already!)

So when I first made the preseason schedule, I had it all timed out so would be spread out over 5 weeks (I think), when I actually went to start it had to be recreated and now we going to finish is little over 2 weeks. So NHL starts Oct 2, we are ending Pre-season Sept 22.

Would you prefer we wait and start as the NHL does, or just as I am able to get rosters updated and schedules t ...more

Replies: 6   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  alebowgm
Posted: 9/17/2019


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