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Saturday, September 17, 2016

To Bruins: Philipp Grubauer
To Canadiens: Erik Haula


Paulin with the Home Run

How in the world does Grubauer have an 82 rate. That makes no sense at all!

The ratings need to be reviewed, this guy is a back up. Should hover around the 74 rating at best.

He played over the amount of games that were needed and had unreal stats... his du is low so he probably won't make it through 2-3 games in a row doing well.

there is no way an 82 ov rate is justifiable.

no way a backup should be rated that high. that's crazy!

This is a classic example of rates being processed incorrectly. If he really was that good, then he'd be starting somewhere. Is he going to be projected as a starter in Washington. umm..nope!

goalies should have to play a minimum of 50 games to qualify for an 80 rate. grubauer played 24 games last year. the year before 22. he had a slight better year for sure. but to jump from a 72 to a 82. I don't think so.

somebody volunteers tons of hours to piece something together, and we rag on him this quick? Wow sorry but unless this is brett or Morton that thinks there should be a tweak... then just say thank you very much

Rates processed incorrectly?? And YOU know how they should be processed?? That's classic

how is grubauer's rate not incorrect? You are telling me Corey Crawford should be rated lower than Phillip Grubauer. Nobody is making any complaints in relation to the overall rates, just this one particular person. It is out to lunch, chill out!

Here is an updated look at the top 25 goalies:

1. Carey Price, MTL
2. Matt Murray, PIT
3. Braden Holtby, WSH
4. Sergei Bobrovsky, CBJ
5. Jake Allen, STL
6. Cam Talbot, EDM
7. Pekka Rinne, NSH
8. John Gibson, ANA
9. Devan Dubnyk, MIN
10. Martin Jones, SJS
11. Tuukka Rask, BOS
12. Jonathan Quick, LAK
13. Ben Bishop, DAL
14. Corey Crawford, CHI
15. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR
16. Brian Elliott, PHI
17. Andrei Vasilevskiy, TBL
18. Frederik Andersen, TOR
19. Mike Smith, CGY
20. Cory Schneider, NJD
21. Craig Anderson, OTT
22. Jaroslav Halak, NYI
23. Scott Darling, CAR
24. Marc-Andre Fleury, VGK
25. Robin Lehner, BUF

I sure don't see Grubauer on that list!!

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Aaron Dell in SJS better be the highest rated goalie ever then!

Saves to me is a huge tell tale of rate for a goalie and where they should be. Grubauer was 51st in the league in saves at 542. john Gibson 1328 saves yet one point higher in ov. hmm. Martin Jones 1573 saves, yet 3 points lower in ov. umm. Grubauer hasn't had the workload to justify an 82 rate.

I hope everyone challenges there rates for goalies, because if Grubauer is the bench mark, then I'm getting a 90 plus ov for my guy. lol!

Mike Smith 76 ov. Corey Schneider 75 ov. But again, Grubauer 82. lol!

Quit going by name brands... look at stats as that's all we can go by.... stat wise those guys had a shit year.

Yes please challenge your goalie!!! And push the fact that there save percentage and gaa were both much worse than grubauer... but he did play 20 more games so he should be better. What a joke lol

Smith had a 2.92 and 9.14. Schneider a 2.82 and 9.08. Grubauer had a 2.05 and 9.26 which was slightly better than holtby, he just played more games. Holtby is an 87 and grubauer an 82... so grubauer already got dinged for playing less. Had he played as many games as a smith or Schneider with his stats, he would have been an 87 as well. all rates can really go by is stats... which are there in spades for grubauer and not smith or Schneider. But let's go with the above posters logic who made an argument by just laughing.... I'm sure that will go over well with Sebastian in a formal rate challenge.

Nice to see some blood pumping again

I am happy with my MIke Smith rating FYI lol. i think his rating is bang on.. these guys know what they are doing

who has Aaron Dell and what is he rated?

He's going top 10 with that rate!

I remember a time when Chad Johnson was an 80 despite only playing in 4 games. These anomalies happen, life will go on and things are/have been relax, it'll be ok.

remember, it's an algorithm, if YOU are truly that upset over it.... come up with a better system that meets all of my requirements.. if that can't happen, then take a deep breathe and relax

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