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Who Won? (13)
Boston Bruins:  69.2307692307692%  69%
Tampa Bay Lightning:  7.69230769230769%  8%
Fair Trade:  23.0769230769231%  23%
Thursday, February 25, 2021

To Bruins: Dimitri Patzold, Nicolas Meloche, TB 19 Rnd 2
To Lightning: Jaroslav Halak


Got a 2nd for a ufa signing.

Great deal for Bruins, a 2nd for nothing (signed as UFA)

I understand why Tampa did it but still a win for Bruins

Another point for Meloche!

Both teams helped themselves. Big contract on Halak, but cap space is worthless if you don't use it.

Agree with above statement ut adding Meloche tips it in Boston's favor.

Freebies for the gimp! Mad respect for pulling this out your ass on the operating table Drew! Fucking awesome! - Biznasty

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