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Who Won? (8)
Colorado Avalanche:  12.5%  13%
San Jose Sharks:  37.5%  38%
Fair Trade:  50%  50%
Thursday, February 18, 2021

To Avalanche: Brad Richardson, Frans Nielsen
To Sharks: DAL 20 Rnd 5, $2,000,000


Someone’s been drinking this shits backwards. Unless it’s just me, cus I’ve been chugging pink Whitney’s waiting for a real fucking move to talk about here. I’m gonna say Sharks win this insignificant deal, but hey Vito if you’re gonna toss 2 mil around like that send a few bucks this way. SAVAGE - Biz

To Biz: Vito didnt toss around 2million dollars. he accepted 2 million. #checkyourfacts lol

Useless UFAs for an even more worthless future 5th

Hey dipshit, it’s posted wrong. Kind of what I meant by “this shits backwards”. Sharks got the depth Avs got the cash and pick. Good thing that one was anonymous there genius #SAVAGE- Biznasty

Hahahaha guess the guy who said #check your facts was the one who didn’t check his facts. Oh man Priceless lol

Why are we voting for a trade that's being read backwards?

Mmmmmmm Pink Whitney!

What is everyones favorite way to drink Pink Whitney?

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