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Boston Bruins:  20%  20%
Toronto Mapleleafs:  80%  80%
Fair Trade:  0%  0%
Sunday, January 12, 2020

To Bruins: James Van riemsdyk
To Mapleleafs: Alex Tuch, Colton White, Eemeli Rasanen, COL 18 Rnd 6


Good return for the leafs considering the ufa status of James. Odd move by the bruins considering van riemsdyks contract. Tuch has more upside and was close in rate anyways and is 6 years the younger. This one will come back to haunt the bruins!

Depends on your point of view. Boston obviously looking at playoffs now and his scoring should help.

Thatís emptying the upboards even more so for a ufa at a bad contract who is slowing down.

Boston trying to make sure the 1 be moved for Tristan Jarry doesnít end up a lottery shot. I get it.

Ta da!!

Thatís an all in move right there!

2 sides to every coin. It's all about perspective.

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