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Who Won? (13)
Vancouver Canucks:  38.4615384615385%  38%
Los Angeles Kings:  38.4615384615385%  38%
Fair Trade:  23.0769230769231%  23%
Thursday, January 9, 2020

To Canucks: Mark Giordano, LA 18 Rnd 1, BUF 18 Rnd 3
To Kings: Dougie Hamilton


Really donít understand this one. There is a mistake somewhere.

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I offered more

Kings got a guy that's 10 years younger. I rather have that than an old fart and a "what if" pick in the bottom half of the draft.

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Agreed with this^^^^

LMAO... "I offered more" #AlwaysHearThat

Hold on....Canucks got a 1st and a 3rd to take an upgrade?

Kings got Hamilton while having a career year for a older on the decline interim rate in Giordano and what if picks. The higher rate is for this year only. Great deal for the kings long term!

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