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Who Won? (16)
San Jose Sharks:  87.5%  88%
Montreal Canadiens:  6.25%  6%
Fair Trade:  6.25%  6%
Thursday, August 22, 2019

To Sharks: Pekka Rinne
To Canadiens: Olli Juolevi


Star goalie for a guy that can't make the leagues worst NHL D.

Sharks solidified their goaltending and now look like they built a team to compete again


Nevin is so cheap. Was he hacked?

Have to give the Sharks the win when it looks more and more like Juolevi may never crack the NHL.

Juolehi isnít done yet. Still a top prospect and 5th overall pick. Only reason he isnít in the nhl was due to injury. But recovering well. Prospective future pairing with Hughes is on the horizon. Sharks win in the immediate, but Rinne is 36 and not getting any younger. A chance worth the risk if Juolehi gets healthy.

Juolevi is going to be as good as if not better than Hughes. Give it 2 more years.

The above comment is ridiculous

I agree....Hughes is almost as good as SANDIN

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