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Who Won? (24)
Vancouver Canucks:  54.1666666666667%  54%
Buffalo Sabres:  33.3333333333333%  33%
Fair Trade:  12.5%  13%
Monday, August 12, 2019

To Canucks: Quinn Hughes
To Sabres: Rasmus Ristolainen, Ivan Chekhovich, LA 18 Rnd 1


Letasy does it again. These offseason moves have Ryan well on his way to an Executive nod.

Late 1st and a good young d for a potential elite D?

canucks mis-calculated on this one.

The only thing Letasy did again was screw up. Got killed in this deal.

Weird. When it was 2nd overall Letasy was asking for more. I wouldn't have paid the asking price of the pick but would have paid more then this.


Why not?



Time will tell what Hughes ceiling is but Ristolainen is same type so Sabre’s gain a 1st. Give the early edge to Buff.

17 votes and not 1 person thought it was fair? That a record?

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