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Who Won? (11)
Minnesota Wild:  9.09090909090909%  9%
Vancouver Canucks:  72.7272727272727%  73%
Fair Trade:  18.1818181818182%  18%
Saturday, November 24, 2018

To Wild: Nate Schmidt, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Ryan Miller
To Canucks: Jonathan Quick, Rasmus Ristolainen, Ryan Johansen


brutal trade.

This trade reeks.

For sure this year, the Wild got spank! Dubois is a clear no.1 center but it will only show in the rates next year. Should be an upgrade to Johansen. Both Miller and Quick are UFA but it looks like Quick is one hit away of not playing in the NHL anymore. Ristolainen is still young but looks like Dahlin will take over as the Sabres no.1 D before the end of the regular season.

no way man. this is a brutal trade. I see dubois and johansen washing. quick is clearly better than the back-up miller and ristolainen is clearly better than scmidt. this is a horrendous deal and the canucks taking advantage of the French only player statement by the wild. brutal beyond the point of brutal.

Ok, by your estimation if Dubois is a #1 center, what is Johanson? What is Ristolianen to Schmidt? And lastly what is Quick to Miller?

Simple Johanson is a #1 center on the same ppg pace as Dubois, Ristolianen is a #1 dman on a 50pt pace - Schmidt is well at best a 2nd pairing on a good day but looks to be coming down to reality and shaping up to be a solid 3rd pairing guy...again And Quick is a #1 goalie vs a back up in Miller who somehow has this insane rate - makes me wonder how Kinkaid (who played more games than miller and had far better numbers) rate didn't even move a single point and Miller is an 83 rate - like I said earlier this trade stinks....Jets GM

Honestly this is one the reasons why i feel Canucks will never be aweful because of trades like these. About 3/4 of teams can't pull these moves off and honestly if this league is to survive there has to be a stop in this ploy. Canucks receive the 1st and 2nd best players in deals. Dubois is maybe 2nd at best but every player canucks got is better than wild received. Why does this keep happening. he has monopolized all the good talent and for what, what fun is this for every other gm it gets worse season and after season after season. like seriously canucks had 4 1st round picks and still has a lineup of ov8,, eichel, backstrom, fuck im not naming his entire team but his team is an all star team. i don't blame Leni but i blame rest of league for giving in to him. #bringthefunback

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If it was the best offer the Wild got, I could only imagine what were the other offers. Maybe thats why he is making deals and others dont.


The Wild didn't try that hard to negotiate with others believe me.

If you are going to go on record to say that you are going to take on French speaking players only, then go and participate in a league that allows for that type of mickey mouse operation. This deal was done out of desperation to acquire dubois to use him as a focal point player moving forward. a gross overpayment was done to acquire him in general. this deal should be reviewed as the canucks received way more than they should have. I'm still scratching my head on how this went through based on the value difference from ristolainen and quick in comparison to Schmidt and miller. this is beyond gross. dubois and johanssen wash, I get that. the rest is ridiculous. I agree whole heartedly with the previous comment about taking fun out of the league.

lol...we're grown men playing fantasy sports on a computer simulator....don't take things or yourself so seriously.

Reading this is like reading reviews for any of the recent Star Wars movies. A bunch of unwashed nerds in their moms basements whining about how their entitled to voice their chronically contradictory opinions just because they participate.

This is a FREE league full of people with differing opinions. You are owed absolutely nothing by Brett, Leni, Steve, or any of the other gmís in the league. This is free entertainment and competition. Donít like a trade? Think Steve got fleeced? Donít whine about it. If you think heís such a bad gm, then do what you think the canucks did, and fleece him yourself. If you are unable to pull this off then you can safely conclude that the trade actually isnít that bad or Leni is just that much better at being a gm than you are. In either case, stop being a toxic element in a league that a lot of people want to see succeed.

Min here. Since Leni wont probably read his email coming from his RSHL contacts, by chance, he might come here to read this. I would like to take the time to thank him for all his help and advices over the years. Leni was greatly involved in making The Pulse magazine with his thougths and writings. He also gave his opinion on the ratings I did for the league before we evolved with the current format. Trading with you was never easy but its all part of the fun of being in a sim hockey league. Hope to cross path with you again soon! And kick you out of the playoffs too! :) Ciao Leni!

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