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Minnesota Wild:  0%  0%
Montreal Canadiens:  37.5%  38%
Fair Trade:  62.5%  63%
Saturday, November 24, 2018

To Wild: Jonathan Huberdeau, MON 17 Rnd 1
To Canadiens: Roman Josi, MIN 17 Rnd 4


A defenseman and captain with these kind of rates for a possble 20 goals scorer and a late first this year! What is Lemyre thinking? Nevin took advantage of the fact that Hubredeau is french. Christmas arrived early in Montreal!

Huberdeau is averaging a point a game... 3 years younger. So i dont think he got hosed here at all.

Leni trying to deflect from the BS deal he got away with with the Wild.

FYI, leni didn't post anything here.

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