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Who Won? (8)
New York Rangers:  87.5%  88%
Buffalo Sabres:  0%  0%
Fair Trade:  12.5%  13%
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

To Rangers: Pekka Rinne
To Sabres: Eddie Lack, Carter Hart, PHI 16 Rnd 3


What the?

Absolutely ridiculous.

That phi 3rd is the deal breaker. Lol Great hockey trade.

Best G next year after re-rates.

Sabres must really like Hart

I voted even on this deal. Rangers really do win this deal but Sabres really couldn't get more then he got. So Rangers win Sabres maximize so even.

I voted no......Vito

Donít complain if you didnít offer. I tried to move him to multiple teams and the normal answer. Old and expensive, Iíll give you 4 crap assets as he is old and done in two years. Hart at least gives me a chance.

I didn't mind the deal if the Rangers wanted to keep Pekka. But now that he's looking to flip him, I don't like the deal at all.

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