Rumour has it...

Best scouts in order

Blues Canucks Rangers Whalers Flames


Now why start a rumor stating the best scouts. Some teams don't need to scout they just have a solid team. I mean Jets had somewhere in around of 30 draft picks the one yr, does that qualify as a best scout. Why ppl make these rumors is beyond me.

That's crazy to think the Canucks have a good scouting staff, Leni always makes the wrong pick. His pro scouting staff is good and his trades are his bread and butter.

Penguins easily best drafter...of KHL talent

Quinn Hughes 2nd was a bad decision, until The Laughs overpay to get him before the Sharks do.

Horrible list

Nellis was #1

Nellis isn't eligible for this list imo

Whalers... Is that guy still alive?

Barely but I just got an acceptance on the offer I sent him


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