Rumour has it...

Second time today! Leaving me guessing

Where the Panthers GM is going? Its Draft Day with Costner the 5th! GM opening Brett?


Kevin Costner was in JFK with Kevin Bacon! Boom solved it

Ok! But he took 2 Russians in the top 9, The K in JFK and in Kevin Bacon would explain the K in Kravtsov but we are left with Romanov unexplained ? But he also said: see you all in 2 years! Lol. Im more mesmerized now! Would it be the fact that Romanov has 1 year left to play in the KHL? So he will be here in 2 years and available to him in 3.

What year JFK was assassinated? 1963. GM Panthers has selections 7 and 9. 7 x 9 equals : 63... Does he try to tell us that the Russians killed our president?


How about Nicodemo name is more like Nicodemov? Russian spy like the sound of it!

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