Rumour has it...

Hilariously Mixed UP

I think this years draft is more ridiculous then usual. Toronto making a million moves to get in position to get Hughes, Buffalo taking Hughes way too early thinking he can duplicate a Pettersson haul, a stacked team like SJ getting the biggest star in the draft from Dallas who really could have used that "STAR" dman. There will also be the things we can count on like the same GMs using the entire pick window and St. Louis making some extraordinary picks and Vancouver making the wrong picks.



Toronto was never getting Hughes at 6

Hockey news top 3 prospects. Makar, Hughes, Glass

I was never going to get Hughes without the 2nd pick. But I am and was targeting several key players

I didn't make a million moves to try and get Hughes. I made a tonne of moves to build the team going forward and getting top players and picks. Jt miller was always a target but when an elite goalie became available, you jump

Fastest draft ever

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