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New draft system starting next year

Hi guys Just thinking the draft system should be change next year. Tired of seeing tactics to finish bubble for playoff spots and earn highest percentage for top 3 spots. I propose bottom 10 team gets lets say 8 entries for top 3 spots... the middle 10 teams 4 entries for top 3 spots and the 10 best teams will have 2 entries So yes all teams have a shot at top 3. I would even do lottery for the top 5 picks Then reverse order from 6 to 30 lowest ranked team gets 6th and so on Im not saying my system is the best but its an idea. Just fed up of the actual system. Yes i guess there will be less 1st rounder traded prior to the lottery but its much more fair and brings less tactics to finish lets say 11 12 13 or 14 My idea is base a bit like the NHL Crosby draft system and I think it will brings more fun to our league More fun building your team less tanking and it might pay off deserving team that tries to build a contender Im open for suggestion its just my two cents


I’m ok with the odds being switched back the way it was with the bottom teams having best odds.... but I think we need to be linked to NhL lottery as those were by far the two most interesting lotteries... followed very closely by watching Brett eat 30 kinder eggs !

NO NOI NO!!.. from the devils GM.. Please don't change again.... i have been a bottom 3 team for like 4 seasons and finally finally getting better and i missed out on mutlpile top 3 draft picks when the ruling was changed and i fought that and lost and let it be.. but now that i am slowly getting better more so than before but not quite playoff team that means i up my chance at the first overall pick.. please re think this very thoroughly.. you know the devils have been in a bad bad rut for a long time now and they needed some 1st 2nd or 3rd overalls but since we changed it made it become 7th 8th or 9th overall.. and now changing it again.. will like have the same effect be the 7th 8th or 9th.. I hope you see i've paid my dues... Please lets have a hard hard discussion before rapidly changing things again in less than 3 yrs

Don't say no or yes based on your own team. Think of what's best for the league. NHL Draft Lottery is the first it's been in years. Tanking teams rarely get rewarded in the new system. We should match our teams and use the NHL lottery

Thats the same line used last time. think whats best for the league. and so i was on the outside fine but now your second statement saying tanking teams rarely get rewarded. AGREED 100 %, Just why in 3 seasons we change it that was EXACTLY my POINT last time.. i had a feeling this day would come but not this quickly. Anyways ill stand aside, let the chatter continue I will Do again whats best for the league just I should be able to have a voice and if its about my team, its a voice from one side of maybe 30 different sides we might listen to,. Cheers Devils GM

Yes its fun being link to an nhl team and follow the actual lottery but it doesnt bring fairness.I like that Florida Edmonton and SJ all made the push to make the playoff as the lowest seeds and face a tough first round than finish with the highest lottery odds the past two seasons. Unfortunately not all gm think like that by showing respect and good judgment. For the majority of us now the only thing that matters is the lottery ... its the "easiest" way to acquire "free" top young talents without giving talents away. We dont owe an actual nhl franchise so making the playoff is not that important for us. With the new system propose yes bottom feeders still gets higher chance for top talent but it also encourages team to make the playoff and make the regular season mean something as they still get a chance at a top 5 selection. You cant control luck and who cares if a stronger team gets a top pick one year. But trying to finish "14" as to stop. For me theres no real difference than finishing 13 or 15 so the new propose system is more fair to all of us. Why should a team like rshl Leafs or Buffalo have a shot at top 3 overall more than SJ or Rangers per example. Pretty talented all 4 of them and respect to the Rangers who because he as Bobrovsky and didnt trade him for less quality assets to tank makes the playoff with imo a lesser quality roster than other teams that had a shot at a lottery decided to make the playoff and throws his shot at the lottery by the windows. You have all my respect Rangers GM. Congrats

I think people have no longterm memory. There used to be complaints from the begining of the season about teams throwing games and teams trying to make line-up decisions for other teams. We also saw bottom teams trading anyone with a decent rate to tank better which left them with less assets. Aside from the complaints about Buffalo "accidentally" "forgetting" his back-up goalie in for a bunch of losses at the end of the season the complaints have been minimal. As for NJ he is a perfect example of this working, he didn't get rid of any rates, he'll probably try to add a few more in free agency in an attempt to win more. I like the way it has worked, especially if we could stop those Loconte GMs from getting lottery 1sts.

I hate the actual system

So why should buffalo be rewarded with 1st and 2nd overall for accidentally forgetting

Thats what i was preaching 4 yrs ago lol. Its funny how you all finally see my point of view haha. Devils gm

People made suggestable line up decisions both ways. At least this way teams weren’t moving their entire team for a lottery shot then being left with nothing... which was very unfortunate when that GM would leave and now a new GM who could be GREAT, is left with empty cupboards and a long 3-5 years ahead.

I like the format thats now propose Devils will still get highest odds with 9 others Sounds fair

The new proposal doesnt value too much tanking Thowing games its about luck because higher rank teams have a slim shot for top 5 pick The mid rank team also have a chance to go up in the top 5 and the lower ranked team have the highest shot and if they miss will still get a top 10 12 pick All win win

By doing 3 categories of odds equally (21th to 30th more entries 11th to 20th less entries and 1st to 10th even lesser entries) to obtain a top 5 pick then reverse order for 6 to 30 weaker to strongest team is very fair in the sense that instead of dividing the odds with 14 team only it divides the odds in 3 groups and it helps with less tanking and less doubtful move and it will bring more fun and competition to the league and put less focus on finishing in the spots that brings the highest odds Plus is the lets 26th team that much better than the last place team? I dont think so by having them have the same odds meaning 8 entries each it brings more fairness Hope everyone sees the benefits of that new suggestion

Make them all be able to move around So dead last could end up picking 10th.... make them all able to move

You still get a team that will try to lose if they are sitting 11-14 so they get in that 1-10 group. Doesn’t solve any problem and does not help weak teams or reward winning. I vote no for sure.

No matter what... some guys will make suggestable line up choices

Just follow the NHL model, simple easy and curbs tanking to an extent. Seeing the Rangers and Hawk jump up and Ottawa down was fantastic.

I want to change the actual format

Sabres tactic needs to stop That is unfair and disrepectful

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