Rumour has it...

Round 7

Round 7 to be completed in 24 hrs or 72?


We should all predict how long it will take. Winner gets an extra pick after the last pick of the round.

Longerst ever... but it can be expected with the lack of depth available. Especially since we took out the guys who slipped through previous drafts and we'll only add them back when they play a NHL game. Was a much tougher draft and I LOVED IT

honestly if we can close out the draft between today and tomorrow, I won't be disappointed.... TBH, I don't even recall what is needed next, but PRETTY SURE, it's Robbie wizardy to get the draft all added to rosters.


How do you want teams to proceed that drafted a player for another team in a trade? Should we email you (or Robbie) the players in question or wait until all players have been moved to teams and then email to correct mistakes?

Honestly I'm not even sure the Magic that Robbie does, so don't recall all that happens, but I seem to remember it all just fixes itself (well thanks to Robbie), but either way, it will all get fixed

Next step would be to fix rookie contracts. Too many team over cap

well that is part of the fixes.. can't give rookie contracts before now, as what would happen to new guys from the draft? there is a reason why things happen the way they do.

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