Rumour has it...

Plan the parade route!!!

The Vancouver Canucks are going to win the Stanley cup!!!


Elias is going #1

Thatís never been in doubt. Forget the Calder heís going to win the Hart.

And the art ross and Norris

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He's not a defenseman

Donít forget the Conn Smythe

When did Vancouver become the new Toronto?? Seriously? Parade route?!? give your head a shake

Vezina too

And the Kentucky Derby

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Give YOUR head a shake. The poster was obviously kidding around. He made the comments in jest, referring to Canuck fans' positive reactions to a great season opener. Nobody in Vancouver actually thinks they're winning the Cup. A far cry from the foolishness of fans in Toronto these days.

Nope, I won't it's the dumbass comments I KNEW would be coming after a first win, not the original poster MAY be doing in jest, but it's just the sort of thing that will fuel the absolute dumbass mentality that is already RAMPANT in the city... sorry if I've bothered you, but I too know a little about the game.

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