Rumour has it...


Really what was the point of CHI doing a 3 year @ 10m bid? Just to help Ty lock him up for 3 years? At least do a 1 year bid.


So at quick glance I see 3 reasons this is a great idea. I also see how somebody doesn't even know the rules as you can not sign a 1 year deal on an is in the rules. So I think the Hawks GM is a better GM then whoever wrote this original rumour.

What's the reasoning 3 is better then a 2 year offer?

Itís not

How is CHI a better gm? This smells of tampering imo, how is it a good decision to lock up half your salary cap on 2 players? Considering he just signed another $10 million man

I heard the Hawks GM on a local station mentioning names of players under contract. TAMPERING!!! LOL!!!

Aman was on the radio!?!?

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