Rumour has it...

Final Sprint

Looks like we might have a close finish in the regular season fantasy pool. Sharks vs Blues seems to be the showdown with Sharks leading by 9 pts. Will they hold on?


wish it was points per game - Blues


Going to come down to the last sim! Wow

The Blues need pietrangelo to outscore dahlin and rantanen. That's the difference between teams and players left

Goals or points per game the tie breaker? Think both should get the pre-sign for tying in first. What are the chances of a tie after this long of a year? Maybe in the billions for chances of it happening?

Goals is the tie break. Too bad blues

Goals are always the tie breaker. Just like the Art Ross Trophy. Pts tied you check out who lead in goals.

I lost in game 7 of the finals in OT. Can I be awarded a Stanley cup also please.

Did you tie game 7 of the finals? Not the same. Ppg is more impressive then goals. But it's all good. Was just pointing out the crazy odds is all

Thought I stated in my comment I lost. But for those who didnít read that part, no I didnít tie. It went to overtime as a tiebreaker. See.. we have tiebreakers in place so that there is only one winner for the cup.

So SJ won, right?? I need to document this so he get the benefit next season

As much as it pains me to say, yea the Sharks won.

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