Rumour has it...

Center 2nd overall(NYR)

Buzz in New York as MSG reports the Rangers have made it official and that center will be picked 2nd overall. Jack Hughes or Kirby Dach welcome to the Big Apple.


Good call. Kakko looks like a Puljujarvi.

well good!!! thats one pick that won't hold us up

I think by now we are all well aware of what picks will hold us up.

Absolutely. Donít hold your breath when itís Rob Mortonís turn to pick and no Flames are available.

Doesnít sound like a Centre will be going first. Who do the Rangers take when Hughes and Dach both land at the two spot?

Survey says

Go get Anaheim's 1st 😁

Canít lose with any of the obvious at top 5.


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