Rumour has it...

Release the Kraken!

Rumour has it one of the RSHL franchises is being relocated to Seattle.


If nobody went to Vegas, why would you want to go to Seattle?


paperwork has been received by the head office to confirm the intent of a team

Someone is moving to Seattle. But who?

The question has been raised, we can not divulge this information.

AND to be perfectly honest!!! Steve Lemeyre enquired about Vegas, so there lol

The owner had to leave the Wild because he was unable to relocate them to Vegas.

sometimes we hae to draw the hard line in the sand

Thatís nothing, I heard Paxton has been trying to relocate les Canadiens to Prince George.

Well? This fake news or someone actually moving ?

Lets say it is real.... There will be a shake up as a result

Itís real.... and itís spectacular

Someone is moving to Seattle, another moving to Vegas and finally Hartford has decided to go to Carolina.


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