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Ranking the 30 RSHL Prospect Pools #1

  1. The Kraken have 8 of their top 10 in the NHL playing games this season.† The two that arenít are dominating their respective leagues in NCAA and KHL.† This group boasts 5 of my top 25 players which is so impressive in terms of blue chip talent.† That a firmly established top 6 forward sits as low as 6 allows you to see the amount of high-end talent starting to emerge from the sea.† Expect a high graduation rate 80%-90% for this group, which is unheard of in the prospect realm, hats off to GM Riley here.† Zegras is my top forward prospect, Askarov is my top goalie prospect and Drysdale and Sanderson among the top defensive prospects in the world and that they are a future top pairing for the Kraken is almost mind boggling.† Mixing in Fowler and Karlsson the blue line is in very good shape.

Top Prospects:

    1. Trevor Zegras is the Michigan Assist guy.† He is the terror to defend guy that drove the USA to a World Junior Championship a year ago, and he is impacting the NHL game on a nightly basis.† One of the steals of the draft dropping out of the top 5, he is a magician with the puck.† His playmaking skills make him one of the most dynamic forwards in the game right now and at just 20 years old he will be dominating the west coast of hockey for the next generation.
    2. Jamie Drysdale is such a complete defender you wouldnít expect him to be just 20 years old.† He is mature and can physically handle the game when it has an edge, but his skating elevates him when he has the puck.† He is a zone entry/exit machine, and the transition game is at another level with him on the ice.† Of course, there are growing pains with mistakes and bad pinches, but the rewards far exceed the mistakes, and they are already starting to leave his game.† He is a player for any situation and handles 20+ minutes a night in the NHL already. Future top pairing defender who is already showing he can produce at the top level.
    3. Yaroslav Askarov is a phenom.† He is a big goalie with absolute beast mode competitiveness.† If you have watched a World Junior game in the last 3 years, he has looked shaky at times but in the KHL he has post remarkable numbers.† In the MHL they are even better.† His stats exceed what Sorokin was doing at his age and he could easily transition to the NHL in the next season or two.† He is the most athletic goalie out there and despite some rebound control issues he is proving to be one of the very best goalies around.
    4. Jake Sanderson was to Capitan the USA at the WJC this year.† His coach said he shouldnít be there because he is good enough to play in NHL already.† After college wraps up, he will start to get NHL reps and push for minutes in the RSHL shortly after.† A complete two-way defender who controls tempo while on the ice.† He has a ton of poise and calmness to his game that help stabilize a back end.† Well over a point a game at North Dakota Sanderson has top pairing potential.
    5. Joel Farabee was a player I didnít like in his draft year.† Thought he was a bit of reach but, having watched his game blossom in the NHL the past 2 seasons he looks more the part.† His shot was always elite, quick release with an accuracy few others could muster.† His game away from the puck was a concern as was skating.† Turns out a good skating coach and rebuilding his stride had a huge impact on him and now he is a top 6 scoring winger.† He still needs skill players to make his game work, but he is smart enough and has improved mobility to get to his spot and get off his shot.
    6. Owen Tippett has been jarred by injury, Covid, and injury again but has pushed through all of that and made himself a key piece of an elite NHL team.† A right shot, right wing Tippett uses a combination of size and speed to run a north south style game on the wing.† There is a ton of skill that can catch opponents of guard.† He is an effective passer who makes good reads and plays out of the cycle game.† There is a ton of potential that is starting to unlock itself as Owen gets everyday minutes.
    7. Samuel Fagemo is a very good goal scorer that attacks the net.† He isnít the tallest player but uses his low center of gravity to aggressively go to the net.† There is some play driving ability from winger.† His shot is amazing with a variety of arm angles, and a shooting ability from anywhere within his body, one of the few players with a dangerous backhand Fagemo is very dangerous in open space.
    8. Adam Boqvistís move to CBJ has unlocked his potential more than anything he did in his previous year.† Opportunity brings confidence, and confidence brings success.† 7 goals in just 21 games are 6th in blue line scoring in the NHL and all but one has played 10 more games than him.† His skating and movement are how he opens up the ice.† His shot is dangerous his feet are deadly.† Itís taken a bit of settling since coming over from Sweden, but he is on pace to be 40- or 50-point defender which is rare in this day and age.
    9. Maxime Comtois is a player that last season had a highly productive season.† He is a big winger who has some attributes of a power forward, but he plays a bit more of a skill game that you would typically expect.† He has a shooters mentality and is always battling for position to make a play.† His overall game is solid, and he can help out in his own zone when he needs to.† Not a dynamic trait in his tool kit, he is just a very sound solid player that can play with skilled guys or create on his own.† He is a good puck protecting player in the cycle game and can lean on defenders.
    10. Morgan Frost is a player poised for a breakout.† A couple solid AHL years have given the Aurora Ontario native a platform to take the next step.† In and out of the NHL he is up now and starting to establish himself as an everyday player.† Its possible he never looks back and can contribute to an RSHL roster next season.

Beyond those 10 there are still several players that I think will play meaningful RSHL minutes.† Ty Dellandrea is a great energy player with some skill that can play anywhere in the middle six and not look out of place.† Lucas Elvenes has been a personal favorite of mine and he has impressive at the AHL level.† With the Eichel crunch looming in Vegas at the NHL level he could be slotted to replace a pricier player who has to be moved out.† Matias Macceli is also looking the part of an RSHL regular.† Samuel Poulin, Eemil VIro, and Sam Strange are another group of three that look poised for RSHL minutes before the end of the season.† Troy Terry, who is a recent graduate, has also exploded this season and will surely help fill out a top line role for the Kraken going forward.† While this group isnít as deep as the Wild or even the Blues the top 5 just pop off the page for me.† I would like to thank everyone for following along through this epic adventure.† It has been a lot of fun and the responses have been great.† With this project complete that wonít be the end of my coverage.† I am looking at other prospect related things and might do a mock draft for the upcoming draft at the midpoint of the season.† Thanks for reading and happy New Year.


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