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Ranking the 30 Rshl prospect pools. #30-26

Today starts my initial rankings of all 30 teams youth and prospects.  I have tried to build in anyone 22 years of age or younger however it is possible that a couple slipped through the cracks.  Searching between Farm, Pro roster and prospect list is hardly a rewarding task but I think I have done pretty good job of filtering through all the rosters.  I have tiered the team into groups which I will then comment on.  I tried to be consistent but didnít always check the ages.  In general I used 22 and under as prospects that were considered.  I had a bit of leeway for some players particularly the guys in the crease.  A few guys that have graduated may have been missed on the list but for the most part I think we have it sorted.  One last disclaimer, if you are lower than you think it isnít because I hate your team (Unless itís the Canucks, then quite obviously your team and your fans are the worst at everything) I will try to list a top 5 prospects for each team but there are some teams that donít even have 5 worth counting so it I couldnít even put the Canucks in the lowest tier which I was disappointed by.

  1. The Florida Panthers.  A team that is consistently at the top of the league the Panthers have retooled on the fly for the past decade moving out younger promise for established championship pedigree.  While there is no doubt they have a highly competitive roster they have yet to bring home a championship with this formula.  A prospect pool that looks like a whoís who of Wednesday night Toronto beer league hockey they rank in the basement of the RSHL prospect pool.  With the likes of the Hamburgler Andrew Hammond, Dana Tyrell, Vlady Smid, Liles and Seabrook this group doesnít even qualifty as prospects more like Jurassic park.

    Top Prospects: Did not qualify
  1. Toronto Maple Leafs.  With a prospect list that looks like a box of mid 90ís O-Pee-Chee hockey cards there isnít much to parse through for these guys either.  Most of these guys likely have kids that could qualify as prospects this year with Dale Weise, Dan Hamhuis and Ryan Kesler still catching up in the Social Security line rather than on the ice.  That said one piece of the future hasnít been move at the time of this writing so they do actually have a top prospect.

    Top Prospect:
    1. Eemeli Rasanen played 26 games last year in Liiga for HPK and managed an impressive minus 8 with 16 PIMs over those games.  He is a giant but has struggled with skating, scoring and stopping scoring up to this point in his career.  He looks unlikely to ever make move over to North America but if he ever does expect him to eat a Pizza Hut Buffet out of business on the day he lands.
  1. The LA Kings went all in back in Season 14 and were able to get themselves a championship.  Since that time they have been a playoff team pretty consistently and have a top 6 that keeps them competitive.  The prospect pool is thin but the biggest add there will come in the return of Capitan Serious Johnny Toews.  After his rough Covid recovery and getting himself back into game shape he will be the biggest jolt to the roster in the future.  He doesnít quite qualify as a prospect though.

    Top Prospect
    1. Jeremy Lauzon is a solid but unspectacular defender who ages out at 25 but he is a true rookie and has a strong rating for this season so hell lets slide him in there.  2, Alex Laferriere is likely the most viewed guy on hockeydb.com because his name is so similar to recent first overall pick Alexis Lafreniere.  Alex is a consistent and steady scorer but didnít really take a step in his production the USHL level this season
  1. Pittsburgh Penguins are a team that has a few young players that donít quite qualify as prospects base on my criteria.  Kyrou, Kuokkanen, Heponiemi, Abramov are still players of some potential even if they are over the age of 22.  With a bit of a tweener group on the farm they escape the basement but even those guys are like nothing more the depth pieces.  Kyrou looks to be a middle six forward for the next decade which is certainly valuable but there is hardly a sure thing amongst the rest of the group.

    Top Prospects:
    1. Philip Broberg is a player that some love and see as a top pairing guy, while those who arenít at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels look at him as more of a second pairing guy.  I donít see a ton of offense at the next level but he should be a capable puck mover with good size.  If he gets his own zone sorted out he will be a very effective player even if he never lives up to his NHL draft position.
    2. Tyce Thompson has shown himself as a capable pro already showing his competitive nature and high effort and energy game.  In his second full season look for him to chip in more offensively even if he never reaches that status of a top 6 forward in the RSHL.  He is a good asset and worth holding on to.

  1. New York Islanders are buoyed by the fact that they have young superstar Austin Matthews and while he doesnít qualify as a prospect he is a franchise altering asset who looks to be around for the foreseeable future.  There are few prospects that ever have the chance to develop into what he is and his ability as a goal scorer is second to none.  They prospect pool is about as deep as the gene pool at a Red neck wedding but a couple of guys have a shot.  The crease is really a position of strength with a couple solid players.

    Top Prospect:
    1. Devon Levi is a World Junior goalie, super athletic undersized goalie.  He can make some eye popping saves and is solid in control of his crease
    2. Adam Huska is a former college goalie who is really growing in the pro game.  His stats are improving and his size and agility make him a real shot to take a back up role over the next couple of seasons.
    3. Cliff Pu is an interesting guy with great speed who has taken a while to find out how to play a pro style game.  For the first time in 3 seasons he was a consistent contributor at the AHL level and stayed out of the ECHL. 
    4. Joseph Woll is a good sized goalie who played 3 seasons as the starter at Boston College and has moved on to the AHL where he has struggled to find his groove.  The sub .900 save % is concerning as is the ballooning GAA but the NHL Leafs develop goalies properly so its hard to blame Woll alone.
    5. Josiah Slavin is the brother of smooth skating defender Jacob but has his own game.  He has a similar stride and moves quickly although he doesnít have the same skill his brother does.  He has a lunch pail sort of attitude and could carve out a role in the bottom 6 one day.

Well this is the bottom of the barrel RSHL wise.  Most of the teams are in win now mode and have traded away a good chunk of the future to compete right now.  Three of these teams must be considered as contenders for this years cup, so the window is open now.  Teams like Pittsburgh L.A. donít look like they have enough horses to get over the hump this year and with very little coming behind the roster could be in for a bit of an overhaul in the next couple of seasons.  We will get into the next Tier of teams next week.  And this tier is where I can finally throw some shade at the boys from Vancouver, stay tuned for that.

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Rather have the roster of the panthers than be higher on the list.

Nothing wrong with "Here and NOW!!"

Good Read. :) FYI What happened with the last 15 teams grades in day s of the entry draft. I want to see what mine was going to say

It will get covered in this section once we move up the ladder a bit I am sure


Isles here...first off, great article. Second, a quick defense of my prospects/youth. It's true, the prospect cupboard is thin, but Nick Suzuki & Ryan McLeod are still only 22, half the pro roster is 27 or younger and another 13 on the farm roster is too. So, not a lot more coming, but also probably not a lot of openings in the next few years either. I know I'm not much of a writer, but thank you to those who are, it's a great addition to the site.



Prospect Pool ranking. No need to defend the list with your teams current pro roster guys.

Burkie is who you want commenting on pro rosters not me.

Great pro roster? How many cups do you have @Islanders?

Oh snap

Who said great?

Even if great was said about a roster. Past roster quality has no bearing on a current roster. But this what some of us have devolved to. No one can say or do anything without being shit on by others. I'm sorry you're such a sad sack that you can't feel good about yourself without putting down others...asshole

Whoa... We are a good group of guys here... Simmer down there big guy

Sad sack, no. Asshole, definitely! Didnít realize chirping someoneís fantasy hockey team for not winning a cup made me a sad sack Ö. Sorry to everyone who finds the ďhow many cups have you wonĒ offensive.

I haven't won any 😁

neither has most of the league though

Despite the comments, great article and cant wait for more!


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