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  1. Trades — the season of trades continues in the RSHL and man there were some douses while I was away. First let’s talk about:

    To Ducks: Ilya Mikheyev, Jonathan Huberdeau, TB 19 Rnd 1, CHI 19 Rnd 1
    To Canucks: Andrei Svechnikov

    This was shocking on so many levels. Sources tell me that the Ducks had received multiple offers for Svechnikov and each time it was a hard pass. No way are we moving him and then this. From what I am to understand it was a long negation that was on and off for a couple of months. But when Mikheyev was included along with those other three pieces that seemed to be the clincher for the Ducks. While this deal does look lopsided for the Ducks, it really depends on those picks. If they stay where they are and end up being in the lottery, this could turn out to be a trade that everyone looks back on for a few years. But the Canucks were not done making trades there...
  2. To Jets: Anthony DeAngelo, Tuukka Rask, LA 19 Rnd 2
    To Canucks: Jordan Binnington, Shea Weber, WIN 19 Rnd 3

    Another big deal. The Canucks like to move players around for what seems to be the sake of moving people around. Maybe he is trying to get his hat in the most trade conversation (I don’t think he will be able to catch the Ducks or Bruins who have to be leading). But this is an interesting deal as well. Older goalie for younger goalie going from Canucks to jets while an older d for younger d going the other way. We can see why each team made the deal they did but certainly interesting to see it unfold. The Canucks have one of the best overall rosters in the RSHL but have been having some trouble against weaker teams…maybe these deals and shakeup is needed or maybe it's just GM Leni being bored with an itchy trigger finger…who knows.
  3. The other big trade:

    To Oilers: Connor Hellebuyck
    To Avalanche: Robin Lehner, Jonas Brodin, EDM 19 Rnd 1, EDM 20 Rnd 4, BOS Extension

    The Oilers were looking to get better but with a good goalie, the best first line in the RSHL how could they do that? Well, simply go and get the best goalie. Yes they gave up a lot to get him, but they have a chance to win it all this year and with next year looking like they will lose one of their top forwards, they seem to be going all in.
  4. Emergency goalies: There has been a lot of talk on the site about emergency goalies and what they are supposed to be used for and when not. In the past the league office tried to get rid of tanking by making the team that misses the playoffs have the best odds of the first pick. This did the job of getting rid of direct tanking but made it hard for the teams from the bottom to get better. This year, with the rules back the old way, we are seeing tanking by some teams to extreme levels. I am not going to comment on the emergency goalie situation but I will say that if you are playing a goalie who is rated 48 and not trying…should the sim think about that when your start being good again…will the fans want to come back out…and this ties into
  5. Finances. What I am hearing is that there is a GM out there preparing a significant proposal to submit to league offices that will revamp the entire financial system in RSHL. I've seen an early draft of the proposal and it includes a reset of every team's finances, strikes being a meaningful financial penalty, no more reverse arbitration, free agency tweaks, coaches affecting play again, the return of the All-Star game, and an annual outdoor game.
  6. This is a huge change from what we currently have. I have some questions that need to be answered as I said above attendance. A team that does not try to win will get their fans back quickly, can that be changed? If that happened and finances mattered, would tanking be something that people would not do so readily? I know there are many different ideas out there for how to make things different but so far lots of talking and not a lot of action.
  7. My final thought is more of a plea. A plea for help. I really enjoy writing these articles and am sorry that I have not written one for the past two weeks. However, it is becoming difficult to come up with things to write every week when all I am really doing is commenting on things that have taken place in the league. In order for me to continue this on a weekly basis I need insiders. I need help. I am asking if you have some trade negotiations or info that you want out there to email me and let me know so I can include it in my thoughts.
  8. Having said that, thanks for reading this week. In the comments, feel free to include anything you like, maybe even some of your own ideas on finances. You can reach me at 7thoughtsrshl@gmail.com. Until next time!

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    Preach on Elliot!! can't wait to see the proposal

    Great read! I think getting emails about teams trade negotiations won’t happen. Teams like to play pretty close to the chest what potential trades they are involved in.

    That finances part was really enjoyable.

    Thumbs up. Hopfully we can provide material for you to comment on

    The quick review of the trades was good. Maybe elaborate on what Kelly Hrudey commented on in his post. Surprise team, a player to keep an eye on, disappointing team so far etc. His games of the week was a great read. Just an idea...

    Or...teams could send in tips like the Insider asked for. If NHL teams tip the real Elliote Friedman, what's the harm in doing it here. There's literally nothing to lose. Don't tip current negotiations, of course. But talking about dated deals that fell apart... what's the harm.

    To counter the "tanking" arguement. When the odds were reversed teams were still trying hard to just miss the playoffs. So they built an almost good team but not quite good enough and then they got the top pick. Going back to the real way is best for the league and teams. Also I don't think anyone ever started an emergency goalie, they served as backups on a few teams.

    So basically what you are saying is people were cheating before so don’t hate when others cheat now?

    First off it isn't "cheating" according to the rules. If someone has a roster that isn't good they are going to look forward to the future and hopefully get a good pick. Happens in real NHL and in SimHockey. It's part of it only now it's the bad teams getting the picks instead, which is the way it should be.

    No cheaters... tell that to the New York Giants fans.

    Elliott Here: I was not saying any one cheated or is cheating. I am wondering if tanking should have some impact on attendance and if it does we have to think about that when it comes to finances. There are thoughts, no accusations.

    I for one am tired of continually hearing how we have to help the bottom feeders. I totally get how a "new" GM that inherited a stripped down team could use a hand, no issue there. Most of the teams at the bottom made moves on purpose to be at the bottom, made numerous poor decisions to be at the bottom, were just inactive and let their franchises flounder. Why should we reward that? Rewarding mediocrity and hamstringing those that work hard and excel, that's not a recipe for success.

    Only idea I have is in free agency. If bids are tied by the end then the player goes to the team who finished lower in the standings instead of a random draw.

    Except teams stopped trying to make the playoffs when we changed the lottery. It was honestly embarrassing to watch. Fringe teams traded their assets at the deadline instead of making a push for the playoffs. It wasn't even subtle either. If teams want to tank their season, I personally would rather the bad teams tank... that's just what happens in sports. But to see good teams not even trying is a joke.

    Is there much difference from a team winning a cup and immediately wanting to rebuild the next year?


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