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Overrated / Underrated

  1. Deryk Engelland- Underrated. A serviceable rated stay at home dman. Sure this is his last whirl in the rshl but can still help any team in the league with depth and on the PK. A steal for a 7th.
  2. Connor Helleybuck. Underrated. Defence wins you cups despite what some around these parts would have you believe. This is the top goalie in the league and you just donít move the beat of the best.
  3. Jordan Staal. Underrated. Lots of gas left in the tank for this former selke winning centreman. Heís going to help the Ducks stroll into the playoffs and maybe even take a quack, I mean crack at top spot in the Dionne.
  4. Anthony DeAngelo. Overrated. Electric offensive skills, but Fox is better all around and will steal his PP time in NYC. Defensive deficiencies catch up to him.
  5. Shea Weber. Overrated. Once seen as one of the cream of the crop but his contract has gone out of control. Too much salary for a guy that doesnít have much left in the tank.
  6. David Krejci. Overrated. Another former stud who has pst his expiration date. This time next year he will be almost a non factor in our league. RSHL AHLer
  7. 1st round picks. Overrated. Not too many drafts gave 30 guarantees. Unless youíre lucky enough and get to hop up to the podium in the first 5 or 6 picks this year then youíre just rolling the dice.
  8. Alex Stalock. Underrated. I originally would have said Overrated due to his potential NHL season ending already. Seeing as how the best asset involved in this deal coming back though was most likely the 6th round pick, Iíll take the 81 in net all day every day.
  9. Contract Extensions. Overrated. Did I read on the RSHL rumours correctly that someone is asking for a 2nd round pick for an extension? SAVAGE! The guy youíre planning to use it on probably isnít even worth the second so give your head a shake.
  10. Andrei Svechnikov. Overrated. Ok he is better than your average 78 in the RSHL ainít nobody questioning that. But Iíve seen GMs lose their jobs for giving up half of what the Canucks did here for one guy. Risky move putting all your eggs in one basket even if he scored 2 beauty lacrosse style goals. Not A BIG DEAL
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Next issue will be the GM version. So first 10 GMs to name themselves here will be in the article. Need to have thick skin as we donít pull punches here at spittin chiclets. If you suck, I will be blunt.

Ducks gm is in from Neil

Sharks are in

Sounds good- Canucks


This should be fun lol - Bruins

Blues - bring it

Bluejackets please, cut me down as much as possible

Letís get it on - Avs

overated #RedWings

Only one spot left gents til we see who gets overrated, who is underrated and how many just get degraded.

Whalers are a joke!

Right on gents! We will be proceeding with the GM article involving the Ducks, Sharks, Canucks, Oilers, Bruins, Blues, Blue Jackets, Acalnche, Wings and Whalers. Might take a few days to find something nice to say about any of these duds.

For a guy that made his living be gutsy and courageous I'm extremely eager to see how brave he really is....

Hope the chirping from the nosebleeds isnít coming from the cowards who are too sensitive to be part of this? Have an issue? Hereís a tissue.


Great place to retire. Not a GM I am permitted to discuss.- Biz


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