RSHL at a Glance
Top Point Leaders
Taylor Hall (WAS) 19 15 34
Mark Stone (QUE) 15 18 33
Nathan MacKinnon (SJ) 10 19 29
Defense Point Leaders
John Klingberg (DET) 2 17 19
Keith Yandle (PIT) 2 14 16
Morgan Rielly (NYI) 2 14 16
GAA Leaders
Simeon Varlamov (HAR) 1.84
John Gibson (WIN) 1.96
Corey Crawford (LA) 1.99
Top Goal Scorers
Taylor Hall (WAS) 19 15 34
Mark Stone (QUE) 15 18 33
Patric Hornqvist (QUE) 14 5 19
Rookie Points Leaders
Travis Konecny (NYI) 9 7 16
Mathew Barzal (NJ) 4 10 14
Danton Heinen (BOS) 3 10 13
S% Leaders
Simeon Varlamov (HAR) 0.933%
Roberto Luongo (PIT) 0.930%
Juuse Saros (NYI) 0.927%

Rumour has it...
Panarin (0)
Too Impatient? (1)
Reviewed Trades
Who Won? (4)
Islanders:  25%  25%
Ducks:  0%  0%
Fair:  75%  75%
Who Won? (4)
Islanders:  0%  0%
Bruins:  0%  0%
Fair:  100%  100%
Who Won? (7)
Sharks:  42.8571428571429%  43%
Blackhawks:  42.8571428571429%  43%
Fair:  14.2857142857143%  14%
Who Won? (6)
Blues:  0%  0%
Blackhawks:  33.3333333333333%  33%
Fair:  66.6666666666667%  67%

Latest Updates

Bruins 3-0 for New GM!


Apparently, all Boston needed to jump-start their season was a new GM and a new Coach as the team has won it's last three since both came on-board. And against a few of the better teams this season as they've now given the Canadians two of their four losses this season and last night hit the Islanders with their forth lose as well. All wasn't lost for the Islanders though as ...more

Posted: 1/20/2019

Procedure Change

Currently the process has always been Playoffs.... Free Agency .... Entry draft.

The change will flip the order of Free Agency and Entry Draft.

It's always been the other way, as I always wanted to stand firm and not allow teams the opportunity to obtain additional assets in an attempt to run at RFA offers.

Starting THIS year, after playoffs and enough time has ...more

Replies: 5   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  admin
Posted: 1/19/2019

Cast your Vote!!  League Endorsement  Cast your Vote!!  
( 8 votes in already!)

Hey Guys,

I was asked by David about endorsements, and I've explained it's a preseason thing, but as we rushed through, no one considered then, who would be against a small window to allow them to be accepted?

obviously, everyone has a better understanding of where their teams are now, so who cares, it's another element we can add back in...

So what say you?

Replies: 6   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  admin
Posted: 1/19/2019

New GM in Boston


It appears the Bruins have hired a new GM named David Blair. And while he may be new to the RSHL you can believe this isn't his first rodeo. Blair was a member of the very first internet fantasy hockey sim called the SPHL which was run (by Marc Siege)l back in the late nineties till sometime around 2001. And boy what a league it was you had the pro league with GM's then the ...more

Replies: 8   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  Habs
Posted: 1/18/2019

Player of the Week

Mark Stone
Best of Week
5 GP +3
Week 6

Player of the Month

Taylor Hall
Player of the Month
12 GP +8
Month 1

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