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Same as previously, this is where the "award a day process" of announcing our winners will be posted.

Rumour has it...
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EDM 19 Rnd 7,EDM 19 Rnd 6,EDM 19 Rnd 5,EDM 19 Rnd 4,EDM 19 Rnd 3,EDM 19 Rnd 2,EDM 19 Rnd 1,William Lagesson,Vladislav Gavrikov,Mikhail Grigorenko,Jack LaFontaine,Anders Bjork,Zach Sanford,Oliver Bjorkstrand 
Looking for rates that work with my roster 
Linus Lindstrom,Luc Snuggerud,Michael Downing,Michael Karow,Stefan Matteau,Tanner Faith,BOS 19 Rnd 1,BOS 19 Rnd 2,BOS 19 Rnd 3,BOS 19 Rnd 4,BOS 19 Rnd 5,BOS 19 Rnd 6,BOS 19 Rnd 7,Jean-Christophe Beaudi,Dylan Sadowy,Beau Starrett,Paul Ladue,Anton Lindholm 

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Playoff predictions

Vegas v Hawks- Hawks in 7
Avs v Coyotes- Avs in 6
Stars v Flames- Flames in 6
Blues v Canucks- Blues in 5

Flyers v Habs- Flyers in 5
Bolts v Jackets- Jackets in 7
Caps v Isles- Isles in 6
Bruins v Canes- Canes in 5

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Posted: 8/10/2020

Ratings scripts


Let it be known I have made some GOOD progress on farming the data that goes into the process...I'm working from a list and currently have 2 more layouts to finalize, there are some offline pages needed, but this is the groundwork needed to hammer through things... doesn't mean anything is happening right away, so not need to text asking when we are starting... this is HON ...more

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