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Offseason Interview #15 GM Damiano Loconte

Insider: today we welcome another member of the inaugural season, Penguins GM Damiano Loconte.Thanks for joining us today Damiano.

Damiano: The pleasure is all mine.

Insider: let's kick it off with GM Hisakoas question.

How do you pull off making so few trades while wearing the name Loconte on the back of your sweater?

Damiano: Well, all I c ...more

Posted: 9/24/2018

Offseason Interview #14 GM Hisakoa

Insider: today we welcome Flames GM Derek Hisaoka. Thanks for joining us today Derek.

Derek: Thanks, always a pleasure.

Insider: let's kick it off with GM Lius question.

What happens to your team man?

Derek: I was talking to my pharmacist, Eugene, and he kept giving me suggestions on how to make the Flames better. He said he had a ton of succes ...more

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Last reply:  Flames
Posted: 9/22/2018

Offseason Interview #13 GM Liu

Insider: today we welcome Nordiques GM Parkin Liu. Thanks for joining us today Parkin.

Parkin: Thanks for having me.

Insider: let's kick it off with GM Palmers question.

What do the Nords have to do in order to stay on top of the Statsny? Those Panthers look awfully tough.

Parkin: The Nords have some holes on the roster that need to be upgraded; th ...more

Posted: 9/19/2018


So Brett asked me a couple of days ago to post on this and get a feel from the league...but I'm slow and lazy so I'm just getting to it now.

How do we want to continue (or not) with the waiver process? I don't think last year went like any of us hoped it would. I'm not sure if it's a concept we want to ditch entirely and forever, but it definitely wasn't the positive change we were ...more

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Last reply:  Sharks
Originally Posted: 9/9/2018


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