Playoff Tree
RSHL at a Glance
Top Point Leaders
David Perron (STL) 2 10 12
Brad Marchand (MON) 7 4 11
Evgeni Dadonov (LA) 5 5 10
Defense Point Leaders
Ryan Mcdonagh (MON) 3 6 9
Dustin Byfuglien (LA) 2 7 9
Roman Josi (MON) 1 8 9
GAA Leaders
Devan Dubnyk (STL) 0.86
Anton Khudobin (FLA) 0.91
Pekka Rinne (MON) 1.63
Top Goal Scorers
Brad Marchand (MON) 7 4 11
Evgeni Dadonov (LA) 5 5 10
Thomas Vanek (WAS) 5 4 9
Rookie Points Leaders
Travis Konecny (NYI) 3 3 6
Brock Boeser (SJ) 4 1 5
Clayton Keller (FLA) 3 1 4
S% Leaders
Anton Khudobin (FLA) 0.971%
Devan Dubnyk (STL) 0.967%
Roberto Luongo (PIT) 0.933%

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Latest Updates

Off Season order

Earlier this year I made a rash announcement that Entry Draft would happen before Free Agency, now that we are getting closer to that point, I think I have to say I spoke too quickly.

Today it because crystal clear that this could be a problem. Logically any player not drafted could become UFA and be eligible to get signed. THAT creates a hole where contract extensions are created. T ...more

Posted: 5/18/2019

May 17, 2019 Check In

Are you alive and paying attention?

Reply to this post with a joke to let us know.

My joke is an clip from my favourite Netflix show, F is for Family, written by my favorite comedian Bill Burr. Enjoy.

Best of luck to the remaining eigh ...more

Replies: 2
Last reply:  RedWings
Posted: 5/17/2019

Way too quiet

I'm not a fan of 0 posts on the site, and considering we are in the 2nd round of Playoffs, just feels wrong to see this.

Before anyone jumps on the Draft Lottery, well maybe only Leni will, I've not thought about it, and only see it because it was a recent post on here. Not sure what the process will be, honestly I'm thinking want to build an RSHL version of tank-a-thon, ...more

Replies: 5   Hot Topic!
Last reply:  admin
Posted: 5/14/2019


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