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Offseason Interview #12 GM Palmer

Insider: today we welcome Lightning GM and the first ever 2 time champ, Scott Palmer. Thanks for joining us today Scott.

Scott: Thanks for having me.

Insider: let's kick it off with GM Tsangs question.

What's your thought process and how do you build your team to win the RSHL cup in previous years?
Scott: In previous years it seemed talent was easier to c ...more

Posted: 9/14/2018


So Brett asked me a couple of days ago to post on this and get a feel from the league...but I'm slow and lazy so I'm just getting to it now.

How do we want to continue (or not) with the waiver process? I don't think last year went like any of us hoped it would. I'm not sure if it's a concept we want to ditch entirely and forever, but it definitely wasn't the positive change we were ...more

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Originally Posted: 9/9/2018


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