Playoff Tree
RSHL at a Glance
Top Point Leaders
Michael Frolik (QUE) 3 1 4
Thomas Vanek (WAS) 3 1 4
Sean Monahan (QUE) 1 3 4
Defense Point Leaders
Hampus Lindholm (QUE) 0 3 3
Dion Phaneuf (WAS) 0 3 3
Trevor van Riemsdyk (NAS) 1 1 2
GAA Leaders
Thomas Greiss (TOR) 0.63
Antti Raanta (SJ) 1.00
Roberto Luongo (PIT) 1.27
Top Goal Scorers
Michael Frolik (QUE) 3 1 4
Thomas Vanek (WAS) 3 1 4
Mark Stone (QUE) 2 1 3
Rookie Points Leaders
Patrik Laine (FLA) 0 3 3
Sebastian Aho (FLA) 2 0 2
Viktor Arvidsson (PIT) 1 0 1
S% Leaders
Thomas Greiss (TOR) 0.979%
Roberto Luongo (PIT) 0.957%
Antti Raanta (SJ) 0.955%

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Playoff Pool

What a LOAD OF CROCK!! That stupid blood #RussianHacker has set things back so much. so now that the playoffs have begun, our pool is underway, but have a question... There is a field on there titled "remaining".. who remembers the full working concept of this.. such a crock having to remember all this, there is 0 chance I documented it!!

Was it the number of games remaini ...more

Replies: 2
Last reply:  NYI
Posted: 6/21/2018

First Blood

The Leafs first trip back to the playoffs came in sparkling fashion as they shut down and shut out Evgeni Malkin and the Penguins in game 1 of their series. No one wants to brag to much on the first day but... screw it why not.

Excited to fired up it didn't take long for Leafs Sniper Wayne Simmonds to open the scoring at 6:41 of the first. Simmonds Sniped a brilliant feed from Getzl ...more

Posted: 6/21/2018


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